4.5 mil Evidence Barrier Pouches

4.5 mil Kapak Evidence Barrier Pouches are ideal for packaging and storing chemicals, controlled substances, paraphernalia, and volatile materials. Barrier Pouches are useful in a wide variety of applications for evidence collection. These 4.5 mil heat sealable polyester pouches are constructed of a combination of films with ideal barrier properties. This barrier eliminates cross-contamination while protecting individuals from exposure to dangerous substances such as PCP and methamphetamine. These pouches are approved and used by many federal, state, and local narcotics agencies. Pouches must be sealed with a Barrier Pouch Heat Sealer. When properly sealed, the pouches provide a heavy-duty, airtight, and puncture resistant evidence container for collecting, transporting, and storing evidence. Pouches feature a 4.5 mil thickness. Provided in bulk cases or in packages of barrier pouches. For use with Barrier Pouch Heat Sealers only.