Nik Presumptive Drug Test Kits

A variety of Nik Narcotics Tests arranged in various packages. The Nik System of Narcotics Identification was developed as a means of rapidly screening and presumptively identifying substances suspected of being illegal drugs. Designed to be a completely self-contained system, each test provides all necessary elements to perform chemical colorimetric tests for commonly known and frequently abused narcotics and dangerous drugs. Each test pouch is comprised of one or more chemical reagents. Suspected narcotics are placed into the pouch and then gently squeezed to crush glass vials, releasing the chemical reagent. When a predictable color or series of colors occur within a specific testing sequence, a positive confirmation may be presumed. A forensic laboratory is then required to qualitatively identify an unknown substance before a positive identification can be made. Nik kits are DOJ approved. For use by fully trained law enforcement professionals only.

Available to Law Enforcement, Educational, and Investigative agencies only.