Pressurized Chemical Sprayer

This Pressurized Chemical Sprayer may be used to apply Luminol, Bluestar, Amido Black, LCV, Ninhydrin, DFO, and other processing chemicals. The high quality metal spray nozzle delivers an ultra fine mist which reduces the potential for excessive application or sample dilution. The sprayer is ideal for use in the laboratory or at the crime scene. The kit includes the sprayer housing, sprayer bottle, and pressurized canister. Additional 4 oz. sprayer bottles and pressurized refill canisters are provided separately. The pressurized refill canisters are non-toxic and non-flammable. Each pressurized canister will apply approximately 16 oz. of liquid chemical. A set of four replacement sprayer nozzles is also available. The 4 oz. sprayer bottles may be prefilled with chemicals prior to use in the field. Always wear a respirator.