Respirator Kit – P100

Includes the 3M HEPA Respirator and two sets of 3M HEPA Gas Cartridge Filters.  The 3M HEPA Respirator is for use with fingerprint powders, hazardous evidence collection, and processing chemicals such as cyanoacrylate and ninhydrin.  This is a reusable mask which accommodates a pair of quick-release filters.  This respirator is designed for longer duration wear, and can be sanitized and reused.  Respirators reduce, but do not eliminate exposure to chemical or biological agents.

1 – P100 Respirator
2 – P100 Filter Cartridges
1 – Safety Goggles
6 – Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves
15 – Skin Wipe Towelettes
1 – Field Case