Colorimetric Scale NNDV no. 2

Medical examiners and forensic odontologists are frequently asked to establish the age of a bruise or bitemark on either living or deceased subjects. The age of bruising has an important medico-legal significance and may be relevant in the investigations related to such crimes as child abuse, domestic violence and homicide. Emilio Nuzzolese (DDS, MSc, PhD, Forensic Odontologist), Prof. Margherita Neri (MD, PhD, Medical Examiner), and Prof. Giancarlo Di Vella (MD, PhD, Medical Examiner) designed a scale which can  be employed on living subjects during different stages of the healing process, or on cadavers in order to provide evidential documentation, image verification and analysis. The Colorimetric Scale NNDV no. 2 does not attempt to give a definitive account of the diverse scientific methods available for the assessment of the age of bruising.  Dimensional accuracy verified with a NIST traceable standard.  Available exclusively from EVIDENT.

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Emilio Nuzzolese, Giancarlo Di Vella
The Development of a Colorimetric Scale as a Visual Aid for the Bruise Age Determination of Bite Marks and Blunt Trauma
Journal of Forensic Odontostomatology, Vol. 30, No 2, December 2012, SECTION: TOOLS AND TECHNIQUE




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