EVIDENT Catalogs & Conference Attendee Bags

EVIDENT Product Catalog #19 is our complete product catalog for 2018-2019 featuring Evidence Packaging, Crime Scene, DNA, Narcotics, Fingerprint, Personal Protection, and many other high quality investigation items.  Law Enforcement Agencies and related Forensic Operations may request multiple free copies for distribution within your agency or at training events.

EVIDENT Mini-Catalog E is a compact and partial sampling of some of our most popular products available at www.ShopEVIDENT.com.  It is perfect to distribute to your Forensic and Law Enforcement Conference Attendees and Training Students.  Order enough for all of your attendees.

EVIDENT Conference Attendee Bags are perfect for distributing your Conference Attendee information during the registration process.  Order enough for the conference you are coordinating and the number of attendees you expect and we will attempt to provide you with free attendee bags for everyone!

All requests are subject to approval based on availability of items and qualification of requesting agency or organization.  Thank you!




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