EVIDENT Compact Syringe Evidence Tubes

Collect and Package all Narcotics Evidence to help fight the Opioid Epidemic

This compact version of our standard syringe tube contains a small Evidence-PRO Security Bag to assist in quickly packaging the tube while collecting at traffic stops or other scenes. The storage and disposal of a sharp hypodermic syringe is manageable when properly identified. Constructed of durable, clear plastic tubing with rubber end caps and a foam inner cushion with a hard plastic end cap to prevent puncture. Each 1” x 6¾” tube includes a biohazard label on the outside of each tube and a folded Evidence-PRO Security Bag inside each tube. Provided in a package of 8 or in bulk packages of 64 tubes. For final disposal the 5.4 quart Sharps Container #40-SH5Q has the capacity to hold up to 12 of these Compact Syringe Evidence Tubes.




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