ForenScope Tablet

The ForenScope Mobile Multispectral Imaging Tablet is the world’s first mobile system for locating Blood, GSR, and Body Fluids at the crime scene and in the laboratory.  The ForenScope Tablet integrates a high-performance digital Android interface with switchable filters and light frequencies to reveal a variety of forensic evidence types. The tablet has an 8″ touchscreen and is in encased in a lightweight protective aluminum frame.  The system features a dual filter system.  The primary filter may be switched between the UV/Visible setting or the IR setting.  The secondary filters are housed in a rotatable filter wheel which includes Yellow, Orange, 415nm, or the Open filter setting.  The advanced lighting system is housed in two interchangeable lenses, the Macro Lens and the Micro Lens.  Each lens features White, UV-A, Violet, Blue, Infrared 1, and Infrared 2 LED lights arranged in a circular array.  The ForenScope Tablet software includes a unique real-time image comparison utility.  The tablet is powered by an internal lithium battery while the integrated light source is powered by an attached lithium battery.  Each high capacity battery is rechargeable.

• Portable touchscreen UV/VIS/IR imagining system
• High quality interchangeable Macro & Micro heads
• Interchangeable narrow band pass and long pass filter system
• Integrated software with Android Operating System
• 8’’ High resolution touchscreen
• 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity
• SIM card slot (Micro SIM card)
• 4.500mAh 3.7V Battery
• Robust lightweight aluminum chassis
• World’s first 13MP UV-VIS- IR multispectral mobile camera
• CMOS camera sensor capable of imaging at 330-1080nm ± 20nm Spectral Range
• 4x digital zoom
• Image Size: 13MP at 4160×3120 resolution
• Essential for the visualization of IR blood and GSR evidence
• Visible and UV imaging features
• Unique real time image comparison
• Advanced case information search and archive platform
• Scale, take notes, add date-time, rotate, crop and draw on the images
• Exports detailed report or images via e-mail or USB flash memory

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