Purair 5 Chemical Workstations

The Purair 5 Chemical Workstations are ideal for processing and examining evidence. These ductless workstations feature constant airflow which draw harmful materials away from the user and through the primary filter. Perfect for easy installation into an office or laboratory. The Spillage Tray and Hanging bar are recommended accessories. The Cart Stand is provided when existing counter space is not available. The primary filter is not included. Select either the Carbon or HEPA primary filter option. The Carbon filter is for use with chemical solvent vapors or other odors. The HEPA filter is for use with fingerprint powders or other dry particulates. Available in three widths: 24”, 36”, and 48”. Each unit measures 35” high and 27” deep, with an internal height is 23.6”.

Internal Height: 23.6”
External Depth: 27”
External Height: 35”




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