Safedevelop Fingerprint Development Chamber

Safedevelop Fingerprint Development Chambers are designed to accelerate the processing of latent fingerprints on porous surfaces using DFO, Ninhydrin, and other development chemicals within a controlled environment for optimum effectiveness where moisture, temperature, and time are critical factors. The Safedevelop Fingerprint Development Chamber controls all functions from start-to-finish, permitting the investigator to initiate an unattended cycle, establish the proper development intensity and duration, and to return upon completion to collect results. The resulting prints will fluoresce with the use of various lasers and light sources. The Fume Extractor is recommended to safely extract vapors during processing. The Fume Extractor includes one Carbon primary filter.

External Width: 36.25”
External Depth: 25.5”
External Height: 29.25”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Internal Width: 18.25”
Internal Depth: 20.5”
Internal Height: 19.5”




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